Breastform Care Guidelines

Posted by   Rob Curtis
Breastform Care Guidelines

Caring for you Bosom friends enhancers is very easy and straight forward.

Caring for the enhancers takes only a few minutes a week. Hand wash with mild liquid hand soap. Rinse off with lukewarm water, air dry. Then lighly dust with your favorite talcum powder. They will keep you dry and comfortable and fresh, even on stressfull and high activity days. Bosom Friends Enhancers are worn by many discerning Entertainers who need realism and comfort over long periods.

The enhancers are naturally tacky to prevent slippage so lightly dust only front of the enhancers after you have washed them.

Important Note: If you do not dust the back of the enhancers after washing, they will grip your chest making them feel more part of you, and give a better wearing experience.

Please note that wearing the enhancers with black lingerie that is not colour fast could cause the colour to go into the breast forms

Our enhancers DO NOT contain LATEX but due to their composition our enhancers should not be worn with latex clothing

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