Bosomfriends Newsletter 2015

A very warm welcome to all our customers new and old.

We hope that you like our new re-vamped site.

We have a brand new Size Calculator, so now it's easy to find the right breast enhancer for you. Just enter your current chest size, cup size (if any) and the size you would like to achieve..… then let the calculator work out which enhancer(s) would give you the look you want. It's SO easy!!!

Customers have asked whether adhesives can be used with Bosom Friends Breast Enhancers. We are pleased to say they we have now finished testing Hollister Adhesive and remover and it is now on sale on the site.

Of course an adhesive is not necessary, as your false breasts fit snugly inside your bra, and the special slightly tacky surface prevents slippage when you are wearing them.

Bosom Friends Breast Enhancers can be worn all day in complete comfort, and you can even sleep in them without damaging them – or harming your skin.

Did you know that you can swim wearing your Bosom Fiends Breastforms?

Just rinse them in warm water afterwards, let them air dry, then give them a light dusting of your favourite talc.

Look out for our advertisements in the current and next issues of 'MORE' Magazine.

Let us know if you have any suggestions as we are always happy to hear from you.

Please pass our contact details to your friends. They will love you for it!

Happy Shopping,

Everyone at Bosom Friends - suppliers of false breasts - breastforms