Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions.

Can I play sports while wearing the breast enhancers?

Yes you can play sports, swimming, jogging

When you wear our breast forms you will notice the base is tacky when washed using warm soapy water.

This tacky base clings to your chest wall giving you the amazing feeling that the forms are attached to your body, and if you go jogging, or jog on a treadmill, as your breastorms bounce up and down so does your chest wall.

Most other enhancers on the market, will slip up and down on your chest wall, and require adhesive to give you this effect, which makes the wearing of our breastforms truly realistic.

If you do not wish to have a tacky base simply dust with talc.

Can I collect my breastforms?

Answer. Yes you can collect from our warehouse, see contact us for address

Are the prices for a pair of enhancers?

Answer. Yes the prices are for a pair.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Answer. We accept all popular debit and credit cards using PayPal, when you go to PayPal you have the option of paying by credit/debit card or using a PayPal account if you have one. You do not need a PayPal Account simply select 'Pay by card'

We also accept Cheque or Postal Order click here if you wish to pay by cheque.

Why should I buy Bosom Friends Enhancers?

Answer. Other enhancers can look good in a picture and sometimes look the same but are generally made of silicone or foam and inferior in many ways. They do not have the feel, realism, and comfort of our enhancers.

Can I wear your enhancers and feel confident?

Answer. The surface of the enhancers has a natural gripping effect to avoid slippage, you can have an active life with Bosom Friends Enhancers. The enhancers not only look realistic but they are realistic to actually 'Feel'. This makes them a perfect choice when you want that bit extra up top to go noticed 'in the right way'.

Do the enhancers irritate the skin?

Answer. Chemical irritation is a thing of the past as the enhancers are non-toxic with no danger of chemical irritation. they also help to keep your skin soft and subtle as they have a very slight moisturising effect.

How long will my Bosom Friends Breast Enhancers last?

If you take care of your enhancers they will last for many years. Silicone bags can be punctured rendering pads useless due to damage. Bosom friends Enhancers are soft, fleshy, non-liquid that is strong enough to be worn daily without damage. Take a look at the Destruction Test we filmed


Are your enhancers comfortable to wear?

Answer. You will have no uncomfortable seams along the edges of your Bosom Friends Enhancers that could irritate the skin and become jagged which may eventually cause discomfort. Silicone breast enhancers are sealed in a plastic bag which feel very unnatural with sharp edges.