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hollister adhesivce 7730 for breastforms


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Hollister 7730 Adhesive Wholesale Discounts , use quantity discounts so save money and also postage

Hollister Medical Adhesive is very strong and will keep your Bosom Friends Enhancers feeling more a part of you

Minimum quantity for "Hollister Breastform Adhesive" is 1.


PLEASE NOTE: Hollister have discontinued this product - we have managed to acquire a limited quantity from another retailer but had to pay his price and so our retail is a lot higher than it used to be.

After the current stock is sold we will not have any more

To put your Bosom Friends Breast Enhancers on simply start with a washed chest area removing any soap or skin oils.

Next put on a good fitting bra. Then place the forms on your chest where you want them to be. Using an eyebrow pencil, make a few small dots or little lines along the edges of the forms.


Now spray ( IN SHORT BURTS ) a very light layer of Hollister 7730 Medical Adhesive on the back of the forms and leave to dry slightly FOR 5 MINUTES . Too much adhesive will not set properly and a light spray is all that is required as the glue is very strong

Now place the form in its position within the little alignment marks you have just made, and then pull the bra cup into place to hold the form in position. Do the following with the second form. After about 10 minutes remove the bra. If done correctly the Hollister medical adhesive will hold your breasts in place for several days.

Cleaning your Breast Forms with the Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover

When cleaning the breast forms, place the Hollister medical adhesive remover on the form and let it work into the adhesive for a several minutes and then take a paper towel to clean up the remover and residual. DO NOT LEAVE THE REMOVER ON THE FORMS FOR AN EXTENDED TIME. Afterwards wash the form with warm water and a mild soap.

  • All Enhancers are sold in pairs
  • Natural gripping surface that resists slipping.
  • Grips to your chest making them feel PART of you
  • The forms are very hard wearing
  • Wear in Bra/ tight tops or can be glued to the chest for a wonderful feeling that they are part of you
  • Breast forms to wear with confidence so you look and feel good
  • You can wear the forms when sleeping and swimming without worry.
  • Will not split like silicon breast forms unlike any other breast forms
  • Comfortable to wear all day in sheer comfort.
  • Look and Feel!! - Real and bounce so naturally like a real breast
  • They feel ... like Breast Tissue and warm up to the skin quickly
  • Ideal for Crossdressers / crossdressing
  • Post Mastectomy Patients - a much more comfortable breast forms.
  • They can be worn with any bra.
  • Can be trimmed (if required). as the forms unlike others do not contain liquid silicon
  • Nipples can be pierced with the latest nipple ring fashions.
  • No uncomfortable seams along the edges.
  • Over 11,000 pairs sold in the UK alone

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