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by Bosom friends
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Look at the plethora of women around you, the less endowed variety at that, and you'll realize what you have naturally is precious because no matter what implants women have surgically to enhance their shape, they'll never be the same as the actual, honest to goodness real busts. So learn to be happy and positive about your breasts

Even though very few of us are happy with our breasts; the ones with the larger variety want to often contemplate a breast reduction job while women with the smaller breasts are always looking for ways to augment to a size 'B' or 'C'. The question however remains, “At what cost?" Will the quest for the “perfect breasts" lead us to cut ourselves up and subject our breasts to physically torturous procedures just so we can get out of the self-pity mode? What a shame! How can we even consider such a source of inspiration (how many men are inspired in their quest for Marilyn Monroesque Ladies to become better so to covet their lady), sexuality, and femininity to be a cause of embarrassment, so much so, that we want to inflict on it the surgeon's tools?

I guess it runs down deeper into the society's psychology itself, we're a society that will always live in the Marilyn Monroe era, where women were supposed to be curvy and have perky big breasts, but the problem arises when they were born small and no amount of exercise can encourage their growth. That's when surgery strikes as the best option available over the existing under wires and push up bras.

But really it's the positive self-image, which needs to be worked upon if you're feeling anxiety or a bout of low confidence with regards to your breasts, and this, no amount of money or any capable surgeons of the world can overhaul.

Still if you decide to go ahead with crossdressing , transvestite, breasts because you increasingly feel the pressing need to do so, be sure to analyze the risks and also take a serious look at the alternative options available around, to avoid going to the surgical table. These alternatives will give you the choice to increase or decrease the size of your breasts to suit different occasions, moods and most importantly different dresses. Feel like wearing a round neck or a high neck today, well you can wear an enhancer with an 'A' cup because outfits with high necks look better with smaller breasts, but if you want to wear a maxi cleavage revealing halter top, you are better off wearing an enhancer with a 'C' cup size. Who said less is more?So, reached a decision yet? Think again and think hard because you know what is best for you in the end. And trust yourself and your gut instincts. Remember, only you know what is best for you - naturally!


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