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by Bosom friends

Breastform Articles

Welcome to a new image

by Bosom friends

Welcome to Breast Enhancer ville

I'm sure you've heaved many a sigh at the 'perfect ten' woman walking on the beach. The difference between her and you might just be that she's clued on to the biggest thing to hit the girl bling market after push up bras and silicon implants, the enhancers, while you just lie there watching your guy salivate over Miss perfect ten.
Don't think too hard, this situation calls for action more than thinking, so get your act together girls and lets get started on the roller coaster ride to Enhancerville.

For those of you who are single, move it fast, and cop these enhancers to become the belle of the ball; you'll have men drooling all over you. And for those of you who already have a catch in their kitty but want him to look at you with the same smoldering dedication that he lavishes at the XXX calendar, breast forms can prove to be a godsend.
All you less endowed sisters, there's no point in feeling like home's the best place to be at anymore.
Bosomfriends breast enhancers will not only give you a cleavage that will rock some lucky man's world, but also infuse in you a wave of confidence that only comes after taking a look in the mirror and saying “Wow! Is that really me?"

For starters, it is advisable to commence wearing enhancers with a small increase in cup size and slowly graduate up to the next size in a few weeks time. This will create the illusion of natural bodily growth and build the credibility of your breast enhancement procedure. Become used to the admiring glances and whistles, because let me assure you, you are going to be on the receiving end of plenty of these.
And also don't be surprised if you soon start stepping up on the nominations list ladder for the “Most Popular"/ “Most Admirable" titles. You've got confidence, you've got the looks, and with the enhancers on you, you definitely have the body too.

So well, you deserve it!Think this is a dream? Hold on, it just might be, though a never-ending one! There's absolutely no limit to what you can pursue with the enhancers. They are made to nestle against your body irrespective of the activity you are pursuing.
You can swim (and boy, how that halter will hug your curves with these enhancers), or dance, or tumble in the dirt, and these breastforms would stick to you loyally through all this. No one will even know you are wearing them, that's how real they are.

They warm up to the temperature of your body and give you a comfortable feel. With no seams, they do not irritate the wearer by rubbing against her skin, so say goodbye to the rashes that you've been getting by the use of its previous counterparts. But be careful, to not wear a 'C' cup breast enhancer directly, because that would definitely set the rumor mills spinning overtime. Atta Girl…You have it in you!

Breast Surgery

by Bosom friends

With the range of cosmetic surgery available today, Breast Surgery is by far the most common and can be broken down into different types of breast surgery.

The most common for of breast surgery is 'Breast Enhancement or enlargement.

The other two forms of surgery are breast uplift and breast reduction.

For breast enlargement you would generally book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.

It is not just women that would have an operation for breast enhancement, and more and more transgendered people are choosing breast enlargement, and also opt for permanent hair removal as part of their treatment.

Generally women will choose to have a breast uplift surgery following childbirth.

With Bosomfriends Breastforms you are able to either temporarily or permanently benefit from our range breastforms.

Get Busted - Naturally!!

by Bosom friends
breastform get busted

Look at the plethora of women around you, the less endowed variety at that, and you'll realize what you have naturally is precious because no matter what implants women have surgically to enhance their shape, they'll never be the same as the actual, honest to goodness real busts. So learn to be happy and positive about your breasts

Even though very few of us are happy with our breasts; the ones with the larger variety want to often contemplate a breast reduction job while women with the smaller breasts are always looking for ways to augment to a size 'B' or 'C'. The question however remains, “At what cost?" Will the quest for the “perfect breasts" lead us to cut ourselves up and subject our breasts to physically torturous procedures just so we can get out of the self-pity mode? What a shame! How can we even consider such a source of inspiration (how many men are inspired in their quest for Marilyn Monroesque Ladies to become better so to covet their lady), sexuality, and femininity to be a cause of embarrassment, so much so, that we want to inflict on it the surgeon's tools?

I guess it runs down deeper into the society's psychology itself, we're a society that will always live in the Marilyn Monroe era, where women were supposed to be curvy and have perky big breasts, but the problem arises when they were born small and no amount of exercise can encourage their growth. That's when surgery strikes as the best option available over the existing under wires and push up bras.

But really it's the positive self-image, which needs to be worked upon if you're feeling anxiety or a bout of low confidence with regards to your breasts, and this, no amount of money or any capable surgeons of the world can overhaul.

Still if you decide to go ahead with crossdressing , transvestite, breasts because you increasingly feel the pressing need to do so, be sure to analyze the risks and also take a serious look at the alternative options available around, to avoid going to the surgical table. These alternatives will give you the choice to increase or decrease the size of your breasts to suit different occasions, moods and most importantly different dresses. Feel like wearing a round neck or a high neck today, well you can wear an enhancer with an 'A' cup because outfits with high necks look better with smaller breasts, but if you want to wear a maxi cleavage revealing halter top, you are better off wearing an enhancer with a 'C' cup size. Who said less is more?So, reached a decision yet? Think again and think hard because you know what is best for you in the end. And trust yourself and your gut instincts. Remember, only you know what is best for you - naturally!

TV/TS For the woman in you

by Bosom friends
Crossdressing the woman in you

In a recent survey conducted on men, 12% of them have identified a woman's legs to be her most compelling organ. Another 20% found the butts as the most valuable asset. So what may I ask happens to the rest 68%? Well, they undoubtedly find inspiration for beauty in the breasts (no prizes for guessing this)!

Breasts are and will always be a woman's most coveted body part, whether it's the Belfast murals, or a Pomodoro sculpture depicting the female form in its nudity, the focus is as always firmly on the breasts. This is just why we don't want yours to leak, split, spurt or squash out of shape or become a cause of any such embarrassment to you on a public occasion. So, we've developed these breast forms after careful and comprehensive research and analysis, and have ensured that they are of a quality superior to their ilk.

With two different styles and as many as 10 different sizes to choose from, you're certainly going to find something to appeal to your sensibilities. Since it is our endeavor to make your experience with our breast forms a very engaging one, we've tried to ensure that these are as real as they come, even more in fact and give a very natural and curvaceous appearance, when worn. Not only do they look, feel and weigh in accordance with actual breast tissue, but also their skin- like texture also makes them almost one with your skin, making you look like the woman you deserve to be. Shhhhh! Nobody needs to know the difference and I would not tell if you wouldn't.

If you don't think they would pass the touch- test, then think again, and deliberate further, because their natural bounce and fine texture will pass the test with the flying colors and you will feel every inch like a woman yourself. If you're someone who's new to the breast tales or even someone who follows it with ardent fervor, then you must be attuned to the latest trends associated with the same.

One of these fads is nipple piercing, a craze that is being pursued the world over and if you want to be on top of the latest trends and yet not want to be subjected to the torturous procedure of getting your nipples pierced, you can still feel like the diva you are. How you might ask?

Well these breast forms have nipples, which are absolutely amenable to being pierced. So what are you waiting for? Sport them and get rocking girls for the world is your oyster (or is that your enhancer?)

Yes there is a woman hidden in all of us, and these enhancers are an ode to that hidden side of us that is unexplored and that quite a few of us now want to delve into. Our enhancers are sure to lay the red carpet on this sojourn of yours…So get them on and get in touch…with the woman in you!

Post Mastectomy Breast Forms

by Bosom friends

It's natural…to feel an alteration in your own sexuality post mastectomy. A lot of us can identify with it, I'm sure. What is not natural, however, is to keep being maudlin. Since the breast is a form that celebrates the sexuality of a woman, it's understandable that many women feel the pressure to have perfect breasts, and so do you.
Perfect Breasts Are a MythOn this note, let's get this out straight and clear, perfect breasts are a myth, there I've said it! Want to challenge this?
Be my guest, because I know for sure, no one but no one has perfect breasts, at least not naturally and that is where the miracle of man made accessories, breast enhancers, bosom pads, breast forms and the likes comes in handy.
If you think that this is a part of just the post mastectomy lifestyle, then really it's not; women who haven't ever undergone an operation of such kind are also sporting more and more of these breast accessories.
It wouldn't be really going overboard to say, they're fast turning into a fashion fad of a kind. And if you don't join the club (pre or post mastectomy), you're bound to be left behind.Life after Mastectomy
If it's any reassurance, these products are definitely going to make you feel sexier than ever before.
Don't shut yourself out thinking “No man is going to ever want my body now, post mastectomy." You'll be surprised at what this product can achieve for you.
Not only is it comfortable and non- toxic but also its moisturizing effect does not irritate delicate skin. It has a skin like texture, so for all you night birds with a thing for gauze and chiffon, this can definitely be your savior.
While most products of its ilk are covered in “Clingfilm" like material, our product is most definitely not, thereby giving you the freedom to wear it all day long without feeling any irritation. Want to sleep in it? You most certainly can, because it has no seams that would inhibit your beauty sleep or cause you discomfort.
A Normal Life with Our Breast FormsImagine just about any pursuit, from swimming to playing any sport (water, adventure, otherwise) to dancing, and this product facilitates you to do that, and do it with élan.
High on being able to feel like a “wholesome" woman, a well endowed one for that matter, all over again, here's more good news to pump up your spirits, it's realistic weight and soft and firm structure furthers it's popularity with (yes you guessed it right) the men; after all a man's got to feel, what a man's got to feel!
Also these are asymmetrical, so you don't have to bother about which side is the right one and if you think the size is not right, then you can customize it to your requirements as well.
Yes this is the one portion of the female anatomy, which gets eyed most by the male species, so you might feel a great sense of loss related to a removed or altered breast, but hey, being sexy is about your attitude.
It's about how you carry yourself, not how one part of your anatomy is or is not making you feel. Our products can only help boost up your physical image, what you have to work on my friend is the psychosomatic bit.Hang in there girl… You're worth it!

Mirror Mirror on the wall

by Bosom friends

Breast Enhancers For 'em All?I know it gets to you when the reality hits home that your breasts are gravity defying no more, and have easily, not necessarily gracefully, succumbed to the pressure of breast feeding and the gravitational pull that the earth exerts.

So is that all you'll ever be now, droopy and unsightly? The answer is no, because we have something that will definitely not just revive your sagging breasts, but also your sagging spirits.

We're talking of a product called enhancers, which as its name suggests, enhances your breast shape, making them firm and yet, gives a soft natural feel to them.

These breast enhancers with nipples are available in 2 different styles and 10 different sizes and are made to suit just about everyone. Whether you're huge or puny, these breast enhancers would definitely work for you.

Since they cup your body and breasts, they give shape, while supporting the breasts at the same time, so your previous pre baby figure is on its road to getting redeemed.

Often, after having a baby, the breasts get disfigured and lose their firmness. Not surprisingly, quite a few women even stop wearing their favorite clothes for fear of being ridiculed due to this very reason.

Are you one of those women yourself? If yes, then you should definitely try to use these enhancers because they will perk up the way you look in your favorite dress and conjunctively, the way the dress looks on you!

These enhancers are soft to touch, so if your husband happens to give you an appreciative once over, and a soft stroke, he doesn't have to know these are not for real, at least not at that moment.

Yes, this is the perfect way to get your husband to notice you once again, not as the mother of his child, but by virtue of your own self as a woman.

What an enhancer does for your self esteem and confidence, is something only you will be able to better articulate after using it, but millions of users who have already patronized this product have only good things to say about it, in fact better than good.

And your child will also never know the difference, because they're as real as natural breasts and as soft as them too, so if your child wants to cocoon himself in your bosom, he knows he's home and it's not like an alien, hard territory (in the form of some cheaper breast enhancers) will be greeting him.

It's one of the quickest ways many a women have ridden back on the way to self-belief.

We all agree that nothing is more representative of womanhood than breasts itself.

For her breasts to be in their best and primest condition is every woman's everlasting dream and this she can realize through these breast enhancers, because when body's elasticity fails you, these come in handy as a very good substitute.

Instead of going through painful surgical procedures and then caring repetitively during the post operative stages, breast enhancers provide a very simple and humble solution, perhaps even a better one, because you have the choice to either use or not use the breast enhancers as per your convenience, but with a surgery you're stuck…

But isn't life all about choices? Would you rather exert yours or not have a choice at all? The ball or in this case the enhancer is in your court…


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