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by Bosom friends

We are going to compare our breastforms with some of the major breast form manufacturers supplying the UK market.

Breastforms that are not wrinkly

by Bosom friends

Many silicone forms that we see on the market today are offered as being realistic , but have some major wrinkles in them which spoils the realistic look of a breast form.

Below is a typical example.

Bosomfriends breast forms do not have this ' wrinkly look '  to them , and they are also not prone to splitting like many silicone forms.

This can prevent you from sleeping and playing sports when wearing your forms for fear of damaging them.

This is not the case with our forms which are the most durable and comfortable on the market today , and at a reasonable price.

Below is a Bosomfriends form which will also take 'body makeup

Exsil Silicone Breast Forms

by Bosom friends

In the above image is an Exsil Silicone Breast Form

The exsil breast enhancers are made in Brazil and are closer to the look that Bosomfriends Breast Enhancers have but are still subject to potential splitting.

The breasts have realistic nipples like we have and a somewhat natural look similar to ours.

Exsil do quite a wide range but unfortunately shipping from Brazil , exchange rate problems , and initial price in Brazil , make the breast forms quite expensive in the European market by a considerable amount.

Please see below our comp-arible forms which are significantly better value and offer a real look and feel that exsil breastforms only come close to.

In addition the durability of our prosthesis is significantly better as you can see from our durability video

Comparison with Trulife Breast forms

by Bosom friends

This is a comparison between Bosomfriends and Trulife Breast forms.

In the above image you can see the ' Harmony Silk Ultima ' breastform from Trulife.The form is made of foam and has a very different look and feel to Bosomfriends Breastforms which are very realistic in their look and feel.

We can see a massive difference in the look and feel of our breast enhancers and in addition they are not only comfortable but very hard wearing.We have some customers who have been using the same breast form for over 10 years.

Silima Elegance Breast Form comparison

by Bosom friends

In the image above you can see the Silima Elegance Breast Form

This breast enhancer retails for around 120.00 pounds compared to the Bosomfriends comparable price of under 100.00 pounds for the same size.

The appearance of the form is very bland with the usual strange edges to the forms.

As with all silicone breast forms they will be prone to splitting and damage under certain conditions.

To see the durability of Bosomfriends breast prosthesis please click Durability Video

Below is an image of one of Bosomfriends Prosthesis which demonstrates the very different look and feel between the Silima Elegance Breast Form and ours.

Comparison with Natura 3S Light Breast Form by Amoena

by Bosom friends
natura breastform

In the image above you can see the Natura Light Breast Form by Amoena.

The breast prosthesis is made using silicone and is therefore under certain conditions has the possibility to split due to the nature of silicone prosthesis, and very unlike the Bosomfriends Breast Prosthesis which is extremely hard wearing.

The Natura 3S Light breastform is classed as a symmetrical prosthesis and full cup , the same as Bosomfriends Enhancers.

Taking into account the look and feel , possibility of splitting of the silicon breast form and also the price.

We would say that the Bosomfriends Prosthesis is by far the better buy.

Below is an image of one of our breast enhancers which are suitable for post mastectomy , transvestites , and women of all ages.

EquiTex Breast Form by Anita Comparison

by Bosom friends

The image above is the Anita EquiTex Breastform 1057X

The anita prosthesis is classed as a lightweight form with an inner silicone shell , it also has a microfibre backing.

The manufacturers have said they use what they call skin friendly silicone and medical fleece.

The form has a thin edging much the same as Bosomfriends breastforms.

The price tag for this breast prosthesis is approximately 130.00 pounds , and at the time of writing our Bosomfriends breast forms for what is a comparable product gave the buyer a considerable saving.

In our opinion Bosomfriends prosthetics also gave the wearer a realistic look and feel which the Anita Breastforms did not.

The anita forms we felt did not offer the same durability due to their silicone structure.

below is an image of one of our breast enhancers.


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