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Bosmfriends have been selling false breasts and breastforms in the UK from 2002 - this year 2021 and during that period have sold over 11,000 pairs of Breast Enhancers in the UK alone, with many more being sold into Europe. Our breastforms are one of the most comfortable to wear on the market today and for the price they represent excellent value compared to Silicone Breast Forms which are either a lot more expensive or are prone to splitting, which our forms do not. This site is fully secure and verifed by GlobalSign nv-sa. Please check out our frequent questions
Our breast forms are extremely comfortable and feel very natural to wear even when sleeping , swimming and doing active sports.

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Hollister Breastfrom Adhesive and Small Breast Forms

Bosomfriends Breastforms - Resiliant - Comfortable - Affordable

Our Breast forms have patented formulae offering the most comfortable and durable breastform and false breasts on the market today. Please visit our customer Testimonials Page to see what our customers say. Due to our Breast Enhancers not being made of Silicon then the forms cannot split or leak and are very hard wearing and resiliant.

Customers who have bought our breast enhancers include post mastectomy patients, crossdressers, Transvestites, plus women of all ages and they know that our false breasts have a look and feel, weight and bounce of a real breast, they also warm up to you body temperature and do not remain cold and plastic feeling like other breastforms.

All our breast enhancers give you a natural and rounded full look, they also fit snugly inside your bra cup. As they are available in eight different sizes there is sure to be one to suit you.

  • Breastforms to wear with confidence so you look and feel good
  • Wear when sleeping and swimming
  • Will not split like silicon breast forms unlike any other breastforms
  • Comfortable to wear all day in sheer comfort.
  • Look and Feel!! - Real and bounce so naturally.
  • They feel ... like Breast Tissue and warm up to the skin quickly
  • Ideal for Crossdressers / crossdressing
  • Post Mastectomy Patients - a much more comfortable breastform
  • They can be worn with any bra.
  • Can be trimmed (if required).
  • Natural gripping surface that resists slipping.
  • Nipples can be pierced with the latest nipple ring fashions.
  • No uncomfortable seams along the edges.