Comparison with Natura 3S Light Breast Form by Amoena

by Bosom friends
natura breastform

In the image above you can see the Natura Light Breast Form by Amoena.

The breast prosthesis is made using silicone and is therefore under certain conditions has the possibility to split due to the nature of silicone prosthesis, and very unlike the Bosomfriends Breast Prosthesis which is extremely hard wearing.

The Natura 3S Light breastform is classed as a symmetrical prosthesis and full cup , the same as Bosomfriends Enhancers.

Taking into account the look and feel , possibility of splitting of the silicon breast form and also the price.

We would say that the Bosomfriends Prosthesis is by far the better buy.

Below is an image of one of our breast enhancers which are suitable for post mastectomy , transvestites , and women of all ages.


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