EquiTex Breast Form by Anita Comparison

by Bosom friends

The image above is the Anita EquiTex Breastform 1057X

The anita prosthesis is classed as a lightweight form with an inner silicone shell , it also has a microfibre backing.

The manufacturers have said they use what they call skin friendly silicone and medical fleece.

The form has a thin edging much the same as Bosomfriends breastforms.

The price tag for this breast prosthesis is approximately 130.00 pounds , and at the time of writing our Bosomfriends breast forms for what is a comparable product gave the buyer a considerable saving.

In our opinion Bosomfriends prosthetics also gave the wearer a realistic look and feel which the Anita Breastforms did not.

The anita forms we felt did not offer the same durability due to their silicone structure.

below is an image of one of our breast enhancers.


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