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Triangular Breast Forms

Triangular Breast forms will fit snugly into your bra and have the same comfort and realistic breasts look as our original Teardrop Breast Enahncers

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DRT4 Suitable for chest sizes 40 - 52 inches

Suitable for women of all ages and cross-dressers. Check carefully before ordering this enhancer as it is the largest in our range

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DRT3 Suitable for chest sizes 38 - 50 inches

Suitable for women of all ages and cross-dressers. Bosom Friends Enhancers are worn by many Transgender Entertainers.

Get more value and bust for your money with Bosom friends Breast Enhancers

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DRT2 Suitable for chest sizes 36 - 48 inches
Moving up to the larger range of our triangular enhancers, check out the size charts to see which enhancer is best for you.
Bosom friends Enhancers let you live your life to the full - With Confidence

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DRTS4 Suitable for chest sizes 32 - 44 inches
Take advantage of the latest nipple ring fashions with Bosom Friends Enhancers !!!

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Suitable for chest sizes 32 - 42 inches , One of our most popular enhancers, gives a 3 cup size increase.

This breast form as the others in our range is ideal fro cross dressers, transvestites, post mastectomy and girls who would like a little bit more.

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This DRTS2 breast enhancer will give approximately a 2 cup size increase if you have a 32 - 36 size bust. This enhancer is ideal with a realistic nipple and soft flesh like feel to the enhancer. The quality of our breast forms cannot be underestimated and are on of the best false breasts...

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DRTS1 Breastform Suitable for chest sizes 32 - 46 inches The smallest in the range of enhancers gives a 1 cup size increase. With this Breast Enhancer you are able to perform any activity that you would normally and still feel comfortable and confident, as the enhancers are suitable...

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The RND1 is ideal to slip into your bra for a half cup increase and away you go!!

When you wear the RND1 you will fell confident that you are looking like you have natural breast tissue.

Some customers like to start off with a modest enhancer like the RND1 and then start wearing a slightly larger DRTS1 Enhancer for a different look.