Post Mastectomy Breast Forms

by Bosom friends

It's natural…to feel an alteration in your own sexuality post mastectomy. A lot of us can identify with it, I'm sure. What is not natural, however, is to keep being maudlin. Since the breast is a form that celebrates the sexuality of a woman, it's understandable that many women feel the pressure to have perfect breasts, and so do you.
Perfect Breasts Are a MythOn this note, let's get this out straight and clear, perfect breasts are a myth, there I've said it! Want to challenge this?
Be my guest, because I know for sure, no one but no one has perfect breasts, at least not naturally and that is where the miracle of man made accessories, breast enhancers, bosom pads, breast forms and the likes comes in handy.
If you think that this is a part of just the post mastectomy lifestyle, then really it's not; women who haven't ever undergone an operation of such kind are also sporting more and more of these breast accessories.
It wouldn't be really going overboard to say, they're fast turning into a fashion fad of a kind. And if you don't join the club (pre or post mastectomy), you're bound to be left behind.Life after Mastectomy
If it's any reassurance, these products are definitely going to make you feel sexier than ever before.
Don't shut yourself out thinking “No man is going to ever want my body now, post mastectomy." You'll be surprised at what this product can achieve for you.
Not only is it comfortable and non- toxic but also its moisturizing effect does not irritate delicate skin. It has a skin like texture, so for all you night birds with a thing for gauze and chiffon, this can definitely be your savior.
While most products of its ilk are covered in “Clingfilm" like material, our product is most definitely not, thereby giving you the freedom to wear it all day long without feeling any irritation. Want to sleep in it? You most certainly can, because it has no seams that would inhibit your beauty sleep or cause you discomfort.
A Normal Life with Our Breast FormsImagine just about any pursuit, from swimming to playing any sport (water, adventure, otherwise) to dancing, and this product facilitates you to do that, and do it with élan.
High on being able to feel like a “wholesome" woman, a well endowed one for that matter, all over again, here's more good news to pump up your spirits, it's realistic weight and soft and firm structure furthers it's popularity with (yes you guessed it right) the men; after all a man's got to feel, what a man's got to feel!
Also these are asymmetrical, so you don't have to bother about which side is the right one and if you think the size is not right, then you can customize it to your requirements as well.
Yes this is the one portion of the female anatomy, which gets eyed most by the male species, so you might feel a great sense of loss related to a removed or altered breast, but hey, being sexy is about your attitude.
It's about how you carry yourself, not how one part of your anatomy is or is not making you feel. Our products can only help boost up your physical image, what you have to work on my friend is the psychosomatic bit.Hang in there girl… You're worth it!


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