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by Bosom friends
Crossdressing the woman in you

In a recent survey conducted on men, 12% of them have identified a woman's legs to be her most compelling organ. Another 20% found the butts as the most valuable asset. So what may I ask happens to the rest 68%? Well, they undoubtedly find inspiration for beauty in the breasts (no prizes for guessing this)!

Breasts are and will always be a woman's most coveted body part, whether it's the Belfast murals, or a Pomodoro sculpture depicting the female form in its nudity, the focus is as always firmly on the breasts. This is just why we don't want yours to leak, split, spurt or squash out of shape or become a cause of any such embarrassment to you on a public occasion. So, we've developed these breast forms after careful and comprehensive research and analysis, and have ensured that they are of a quality superior to their ilk.

With two different styles and as many as 10 different sizes to choose from, you're certainly going to find something to appeal to your sensibilities. Since it is our endeavor to make your experience with our breast forms a very engaging one, we've tried to ensure that these are as real as they come, even more in fact and give a very natural and curvaceous appearance, when worn. Not only do they look, feel and weigh in accordance with actual breast tissue, but also their skin- like texture also makes them almost one with your skin, making you look like the woman you deserve to be. Shhhhh! Nobody needs to know the difference and I would not tell if you wouldn't.

If you don't think they would pass the touch- test, then think again, and deliberate further, because their natural bounce and fine texture will pass the test with the flying colors and you will feel every inch like a woman yourself. If you're someone who's new to the breast tales or even someone who follows it with ardent fervor, then you must be attuned to the latest trends associated with the same.

One of these fads is nipple piercing, a craze that is being pursued the world over and if you want to be on top of the latest trends and yet not want to be subjected to the torturous procedure of getting your nipples pierced, you can still feel like the diva you are. How you might ask?

Well these breast forms have nipples, which are absolutely amenable to being pierced. So what are you waiting for? Sport them and get rocking girls for the world is your oyster (or is that your enhancer?)

Yes there is a woman hidden in all of us, and these enhancers are an ode to that hidden side of us that is unexplored and that quite a few of us now want to delve into. Our enhancers are sure to lay the red carpet on this sojourn of yours…So get them on and get in touch…with the woman in you!


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