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Welcome to our new mobile and tablet friendly website. Over ten thousand pairs of breast forms sold to customers in the UK since 2002 - patented formulae offering the most comfortable and durable breastform on the market today. Please visit our customer Testimonials Page
  • Breastforms to wear with confidence
  • Look and feel good
  • Wear when sleeping and swimming
  • Will not split like silicon breast forms
  • Unlike any other breastforms
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Look and Feel!! - Real breastform adhesive
  • They feel ... like Breast Tissue
  • They warm up to the skin quickly
  • Crossdressers / crossdressing
  • Post Mastectomy
         Key Breastform Features
  • They can be worn with any bra.
  • Can be trimmed (if required).
  • Natural gripping surface that resists slipping.
  • Increased bust size or a push-up effect for deeper cleavage.
  • You look, feel and bounce so naturally.
  • Comfortable to wear  all day in sheer comfort.
  • Nipples can be pierced with the latest nipple ring fashions.
  • No uncomfortable seams along the edges.
  • You can use facial foundation, or body make-up.
  • They can simply be hand washed with mild liquid hand soap.
  • Special blend of polymers and natural mineral oils non toxic.
  • Superior to most breast forms and silicone breast enhancers on the market.
  • Can be worn whilst swimming.
  • Comfortable enough to sleep in.
  • When worn for long periods do not irritate
For a breastform 'style' that will fit snugly into your bra, choose from our standard DRTS Breastform Range or from the larger DRTS range  depending on your size.

Bosom Friends have a choice of three styles of breast forms to choose from, Teardrop and Triangular, you also have our chicken fillet Style which are in the price range of a chicken fillet but have the superior look and feel of the rest of the Bosomfriends Range. All the breast forms have a realistic looking nipple.

Bosomfriends have been selling breastforms since July 2003, and have now sold in excess of 10,000 breastforms to happy customers, who have told others about the high quality of our breast enhancers.

Customers who have bought our breast enhancers know that they have a look and feel, weight and bounce of a real breast, they also warm up to you body temperature and do not remain cold and plastic feeling like other breastforms.

All our breast enhancers give you a natural and rounded full look, they also fit snugly inside your bra cup. As they are available in eight different sizes there is sure to be one to suit you.

Teardrop enhancers can be worn in two ways as they have a tapered (thinner) part which is designed to blend towards your underarm to give a natural 'lead-in' effect. They may also be worn with the tapered end facing upwards (towards your chin) to give a natural 'teardrop' shape.

The enhancers are very different to any silicon enhancers that can be seen for sale on sites like ebay. Bosom friends enhancers are not plastic and shiny but have a lovely natural look and feel to them. The nipples are realistic and you will feel confident wearing our enhancers.

Many enhancers being sold today are filled with liquid and can split and leak, Bosom Friends Breast Enhancers are not filled with liquid and cannot leak as they are made of a special latex formulae. Take a look at our destruction test where we have a car drive over a breastform.


Recent Testimonials

A typical customers comment that we receive all the time
Hi Karen,  I've just received my DT1's - absolutely perfect, thank you! Up until now I could only imagine the feel and effect of having treasures like these on my chest, but the reality is heavenly.
I will certainly invest in a pair of DT2's as well, because I've heard that you can never have too much of a good thing.
Thank you so much for the sensations you are bringing me!
Priscilla XxXxXxX

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The orders are sent in plain, secure packaging with no reference on the outside as to the content and you can be assured that you will receive your order with absolute discretion.

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